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Availability and Ordering

We generally start selling lambs in November and have them available through until July, as different animals mature at different rates.

Our lambs are sold butchered and vacuum packed ready for cooking or for the freezer.

Typically, we provide:legs, shoulders (one whole, one diced), double chops, breast (minced if available), kidneys and bag of bones for stews, soups or lucky dogs. We can offer half lambs if required.

Everything is sold to order, as we do not freeze anything. Generally, there is a ten to fourteen day period between order and delivery.

We deliver ourselves in Monomuthshire / SE Wales. Deliveries further afield can be arranged through Ensors, who have regular runs along the M4 corridor and elsewhere.

Current price is £8.50 per kilo for whole lambs and £9.50 for halves. Delivery is at cost.

For restaurants and more adventurous clients, we are happy to arrange customised butchery, or you can take a whole caracass and do it yourself!

For orders or further enquiries, please call Nick or Sarah on 01873 821387 or
e-mail us at: