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Great British Menu

An Abergavenny family farm - producing Pen-y-Wyrlod lamb - will be in the limelight on BBC 2's Great British Menu at 6.30 on Wednesday 6th May. Stephen Terry of the Hardwick will be defending his title against James Sommerin of the Crown at Whitebrook to determine this year's Welsh representative in the programme.

Pen-y-Wyrlod Lamb comes from a flock of organic pedigree Black Welsh Mountain sheep that Nick Miller, Sarah Dickins and their two children have built up over the last ten years. The sheep are reared on their family farm set in 50 acres of ancient meadowland in Llanvetherine, which is part of the Welsh Tir Gofal environmental scheme.

The sheep graze a wide variety of grasses and indigenous herbs, and are matured very slowly. The lamb is very low in fat whilst full of flavour, which is why Stephen chooses the Lamb for his Hardwick restaurant in Abergavenny - and why he decided to cook Nick and Sarah's lamb for the Great British Menu.

In the programme, we see Stephen talking with Nick, Sarah and the children, checking the sheep and cooking some of their special lamb in their kitchen. If you want to find out more about Pen-y-Wyrlod Lamb, contact



For Stephen's recipe go to: